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October 25, 2022

Axway Amplify Enterprise Marketplace data sheet

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is a game-changer in how you expand your digital services into new use cases and new markets. It allows you to create your own marketplace of APIs — all completely packaged and neatly categorized — that internal and external application developers can easily access and adopt.

API adoption is key to realizing the maximum business value from all your API investments since those that go unconsumed are essentially valueless. Amplify Marketplace doesn’t just give developers a centralized place for adopting your APIs, it enables them to find the right API instantly — getting your embedded services into the market faster.

This data sheet breaks down the benefits of Amplify Marketplace for API consumers, API product managers, API platform teams, and digital business leaders. It also outlines compatibility with operational, API governance, and API security protocols across your ecosystem of existing and potential partners.

Who can benefit from Amplify Marketplace?

API consumers — Innovation, digital, and application teams

Decrease the time to value for APIs that drive digital business. Enable developers to speed delivery of initiatives by easily finding and using proven API products that are security validated, fully documented, and production ready.

Delight your developers. Simplify and standardize the developer experience of working with your API products and shorten their learning curve.

API product managers

Curate API products. Stop creating one-off APIs and create API products that align to business functions and can be reused by multiple development teams.

Give API producers infrastructure independence while providing centralized management. Build fewer, higher quality APIs using a productization process that prioritizes their security and increases their value, usage, and longevity — all while letting developers use the tools that make the most sense to them.

API platform teams

Master API complexity by operationalizing all your APIs. Get a complete operational view along with usage and performance metrics that increase service delivery at a reduced cost.

Reduce security risk. Automatically discover, validate, secure, and register all APIs in one repository.

Digital business leads

Increase the ROI on your APIs by promoting greater API adoption. Lower the barrier to entry and drive consumption of your digital business initiatives by promoting curated API products, not every single API that you have ever produced.

Close the gap between IT and business outcomes by aligning them before API development begins. Cut API development bottlenecks while increasing app developer team satisfaction and delivery speed with metrics and tool independence aligned to business goals.

What you can do with Amplify Marketplace

Implement a true universal API management platform

As the number of APIs has increased in your enterprise, so has the number of API management platforms designed to manage and govern them. Research tells us that most enterprises have two or more APIM solutions (data planes) and that number is expected to grow as they adopt multi-cloud strategies.

Each of these data planes have their own tools, portals, and gateways. The result is complexity and no common discovery, management, or reporting capability. Amplify provides a universal API management platform that enables you to:

  • Unify all your API assets and manage lifecycle regardless of pattern, deployment, or platform
  • Modernize without having to rip and replace existing API solutions
  • Monitor and manage all APIs from one pane of glass

Drive adoption and consumption of digital business APIs with developers

APIs only have value when they are used by developers to access an enterprise’s data and processes to create a specific business outcome.

A common roadblock to adoption is a poor developer experience. They do not know where to look, how to use, or how to subscribe to the APIs they need. Amplify Marketplace gives them the ability to:

Create API products

  • Bundle by domain — group assets needed for a use case application
  • Define business value of a composed business capability
  • Create consumption plans

Enrich the API consumer experience

  • Branded store front with customized look and feel
  • Self-service registration, discovery, subscription, and consumption
  • Normalize subscriptions across diverse platforms

Align IT and business around common business outcomes

Success for APIs should not be measured by the number of APIs produced but by the business outcomes they drive. Did they increase NPS, grow revenue, or reduce cost? For most enterprises it is hard to tell because there are silos between API developers and API consumers, and few common metrics to align the teams and make the decisions of where to invest next. Amplify Marketplace gives you the ability to:

  • Track normalized subscription and usage metrics across all API products
  • Monetize (directly or indirectly) API usage
  • Make better decisions as to where to invest in your digital products


Start increasing API consumption and value with Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

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