Start aligning your API metrics with these 3 objectives

February 8, 2024

Aligning API metrics with business objectives is a critical part of justifying your investments. With a product mindset in place, you can unlock information that will help connect the dots between API performance and your ability to reach your business goals. Here are 3 foundational objectives to align with your API strategy.

1. Efficiency + Effectiveness

The goal: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the API provider lifecycle by implementing better processes and tools.

  • INCREASE use of the API provider lifecycle among API developers by 25%
  • REDUCE the time it takes to develop and release a new API by 25%
  • IMPROVE API documentation to generate a 15% increase in user satisfaction

2. Simplicity + Quality

The goal: Establish a comprehensive, user-friendly API marketplace that makes it easy for developers to discover and leverage high-quality APIs.

  • INCREASE the number of APIs offered on the marketplace by 50%
  • IMPLEMENT an intuitive interface and search functionality that nets 50+ unique new user visits to the marketplace
  • BOOST the number of API subscription requests on the marketplace by 100%
  • EARN A 90% user satisfaction rate from API marketplace consumers

3. Collaboration + Market Reach 

The goal: Improve collaboration among product teams as they strive to successfully identify, deliver, and promote valuable APIs.

  • INCREASE API adoption by 50% through effective promotion and marketing campaigns
  • ESTABLISH at least 2 strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to promote their APIs for increased visibility and reach
  • COLLABORATE with the enterprise architecture to increase the number of business capabilities/areas supported through APIs by 25%

At the end of the day, a successful enterprise API strategy is all about trying in influence behavior — especially among app developers and end users. That's why API metrics are so important in the first place. They give you the intel needed to assess alignment with the business objectives, modify your game plan if necessary, and position your enterprise for the future.

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