API Talks: How to curate and package your APIs for business value

January 31, 2024 Bas van den Berg

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn about:
- Why businesses want to enable a digital product strategy with APIs
- How to apply a product mindset to API creation
- How to package APIs in a way that makes sense for your target market
- The value of technology in supporting the API provider and consumer experience

Here's an 18-second preview:

"Once you start to connect your environments and you start to discover the content that you have, that's going to be a lot of APIs. In this entire journey, the intent is to get this under control."
— Bas van den Berg, VP of Product at Axway

API organization that inspires adoption

APIs have been around for quite some time. But with new opportunities to capitalize on API value, from empowering partner connectivity to accelerating product launches, the incentive for investing in API-enabled digital products is even greater.


But how can you be sure your APIs are organized to deliver that value?

The idea of building APIs and waiting for consumers to come isn’t a realistic way to drive API value. It comes down to how APIs are discovered, organized, managed, and marketed to your target audience. 

Is there a unified discovery process for APIs? Is there consistent business documentation to support API use? Are there multiple marketplaces that allow for tailored experiences for target markets? 

When you can start to bring structure to your APIs and showcase these business capabilities in the right way, you can drive API consumption. At the end of the day, API consumption is king for digital business success.

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Bas van den Berg

VP, Amplify Product Management

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