10 questions an API digital products tier can answer

March 22, 2024

An API digital products tier connects producers and consumers in one place. Producers have a mirror into their business capabilities. Consumers can grab API products and go. Bridging the gap between the two sides ultimately helps them work better together. 

To better understand how a digital products tier aligns API providers with the consumer experience, consider the kinds of questions it can answer. Providers and consumers alike can gain the insights they need to take action.

5 questions API providers have

01 What APIs do we currently expose?

With an API digital products tier, you can automatically discover all your API resources no matter where they reside. This approach allows you to reduce the time it takes to find and assess APIs by up to 90%.

02 Is my target audience able to easily access my APIs?

Organize and group your APIs based on business alignment or functionality. This step will make it easy for your target audience to locate relevant APIs. From there, you can package them into products with helpful documentation.

03 Are the APIs we offer compliant with our corporate guidelines?

With a clear view of all your business capabilities, you can unify control. You'll be able to discover any unmanaged APIs and shore up security gaps. You can also validate compliance with your API design and security standards.

04 How do I restrict API visibility to specific target audiences?

It's up to you to decide which API services and versions you want to promote. You have the option to define security and access for different user groups. You can also create API marketplaces for different audiences to tailor the experience further. 

05 How do I monetize my APIs?

After you package API products, wrap them in a subscription plan. The marketplace layer of an API digital products tier offers intuitive and flexible usage plans. Automated billing provides further convenience. 

5 questions API consumers have

01 Is there an API for XYZ capability or data?

An API digital products tier lets consumers easily discover what APIs are available - and, importantly, what those APIs do. Bundling APIs by function and business data supports the development of featured categories, which makes for a less overwhelming experience than browsing a full API inventory.

02 Can I learn more about the API before I subscribe?

Before subscribing to an API product, consumers might want to learn more about precisely what it does and how it works. Documentation can be added at the product level. That includes business documentation describing the value and use of the product alongside technical documentation.

03 How do I get access to the API?

The API marketplace paints a clear picture of how consumers can quickly access APIs. Clearly defined subscription plans allow for self-service onboarding. The easier it is for consumers to access your APIs, the better their adoption rates and overall satisfaction. Streamlining the approval process also improves audit trails.

04 Where can I find my credentials for the API?

Before they can start using an API, consumers need to have the correct API keys. The marketplace should offer these credentials by default to expedite access. At the same time, if credentials do expire, consumers need to know whom to contact to renew their access.

05 How much does this API cost?

With an API digital products tier, there's no guesswork around an API product's cost. Consumers have a transparent view of the cost tied to each subscription plan. They can make decisions around their anticipated usage, paying for only the resources they need.

An API digital products tier can answer all kinds of questions for both API providers and consumers. Beyond offering a shared space where the two sides can come together to clarify the details that matter most to them, it leads to outcomes like better collaboration and API adoption for business results. 

Learn how to drive revenue faster with an API digital products tier. 

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