Time to lace up your APIs

August 16, 2023

When you think about, APIs are just like shoes. They're a consumer product meant for a specific audience to fill a need, whether it's necessity, function, performance -- even aesthetic. As an API product manager, you need to reach developers where they are with the precise product they're looking for. 

After all:

  • You wouldn't offer stilettos to a team of rock climbers. Don't offer APIs that won't raise adoption by developers.
  • You wouldn't market snowshoes in the rain forest. Don't market APIs where it takes a safari to find them. 
  • You wouldn't hand a bride bowling shoes on her wedding day. Don't hand a committed partner APIs with no business capability. 
  • You wouldn't package children shoes for lumberjacks. Don't package APIs that won't chop down security risks. 
  • You wouldn't curate a line of dress shoes for fording rivers. Don't curate APIs that can't open potential revenue streams. 
  • You wouldn't sell a pair of sandals to an arctic explorer. Don't sell APIs that get services to market at a glacial pace.
  • You wouldn't give bedroom slippers to a guy on a surfboard. Don't give developers APIs that slow partner onboarding. 

Axway offers a new kind of API portal -- Amplify Enterprise Marketplace -- built on a true universal API management platform that helps you curate, package, and market API products to fit the app developer's need perfectly. 

Want the benefits of treating your APIs as the valuable products they are?

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