API Talks: Add an API digital products tier for faster development and greater revenue

May 3, 2024 Brian Otten

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn about:
-How an API digital products tier acts as a mirror to your business
-The different components of this business services tier and their value
-How an API digital products tier connects producers and consumers
-The journey to bringing this business services tier to life

Here's a 1-minute preview:

“Think about the digital marketplaces that emerged over the last 20 or 30 years — Amazon, eBay, Alibaba. You can buy things there. It’s not just a catalog where you then place an order. This is the digital way.”
— Brian Otten, Chief Catalyst, NA VP, Axway

Use an API digital products tier to your business advantage

APIs are a powerful tool for enabling digital products. The question is how.

That’s where an API digital products tier enters the picture. This business services tier sits above the technical services tier and provides a place for API search and discovery. API providers have the necessary visibility and control, while consumers can interact with API products.


Connecting the API provider and consumer experience allows these two sides to work better together. This alignment helps accelerate API delivery and drive API adoption. With API adoption comes new monetization opportunities — both direct and indirect.

Discover how to take your consumer experience to the next level with an API digital products tier.

Watch the webinar for tips on how to drive revenue faster with API products.

Watch the webinar

About the Author

Brian Otten

Brian Otten is a Digital Transformation Catalyst at Axway. An experienced leader and technologist with 25+ years experience and innovative strategist for API, Services and Microservices to support digital transformation, IT modernization, and continued growth for large enterprises. Brian helps make businesses consumable by guiding them with the power of transformation with APIs.

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