What a good API consumption flow looks like in an API marketplace

Investing in an API marketplace is one of the best steps you can take to drive API consumption. But if the marketplace lacks a process that makes adopting APIs simple, app developers will likely look elsewhere for the API business capability they need.

A well-defined API marketplace empowers API consumers to pinpoint a desired API product — and the documentation and other resources wrapped around them — in no time. Done right, the process of searching for, finding, and choosing the right API should be smooth and simple, steering clear of consumer frustration and encouraging buy-in.

So, what’s the ideal process flow for creating a seamless API consumption experience? The five key steps are outlined below.

1. Explore featured categories

A list of featured API product categories enhances visibility for popular segments. Financial services and customer relations are just two category examples.

2. Search for API products

If consumers don’t see the API they need in the featured categories, they can scroll down to a search bar that allows them to browse all the products easily.

3. Review helpful documentation

After clicking on a product, consumers are directed to an API product specific page. Here, they can find documentation related to the API, its use cases, and its consumption.

4. Request access to the API

When they’re ready to use an API product, app developers request access to the product. Once access is approved, they can request relevant credentials.

5. Input API key to use APIs

Consumers receive the API key and use it to authorize API use. From there, they can access all the information they need to start testing the API.

A well-defined API marketplace is the product of good API management. You need to be able to reduce redundancy, ensure API security, and make it easy for consumers to discover and use APIs. Amplify Enterprise Marketplace solves all these needs in one unified platform.

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