Turn your API portal into an API product marketplace

November 14, 2023

Your APIs are not just connectors. They're like any other product. They need a place to be accessed, merchandised, and delivered. An API marketplace offers API consumers an experience that makes shopping for the right API easier and moves your digital services into the market faster. Want to know the API marketplace advantages that will add value to your business? Just follow the signs.

Easy API discovery and checkout

A business-services view of your APIs with documentation, sample code, and sample testing. Includes automated API discovery and simplified subscription to services for a compelling developer experience.

Prepackaged API products

Curated APIs grouped contextually as business-enabling functions and offered as API products that can be monetized for new revenue streams. Includes all documentation, SLAs, and consumption plans. 

API one-stop-shop savings

A single point of control for API management, discovery, adoption, performance tracking, and promotion. Agents integrate your existing data planes across service types and integration patterns. 

Highest-value APIs

Adoption-driven API selection that ensures the highest possible business value from each and every API. These business-enabling APIs are designed from the start for maximum app developer consumption. 

Family-size APIs

APIs that meet the needs of multiple gateway vendors, on-premises and cloud deployment platforms, multiple integration patterns, such as B2B and MFT, and various security and compliance standards.

IT and business specials

API strategies to align business and IT efforts to reach the goals you want right from the start. Monitor business metrics regardless of API type and assess performance for better API investment decisions.

API clearance rack

Obsolete, unsecured, or low-performing APIs found through automated discovery instead of through time-consuming manual processes. These APIs contain security risks and are ready for deprecation.

Energy producer saves big. With an API marketplace, this major energy producer experienced a cost savings of $1M per year in building and maintaining custom portals.

Pharmaceutical company picks up the pace. This drug company went from service conception to live usage three times faster with an API marketplace and saved $15K per API.

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