API Talks: You have APIs everywhere. Ready to round them up for better management and value creation?

June 9, 2023 William McKinney

In this 30-minute webinar from the API Talks series, you'll learn:

  • Why the clock is ticking on finding a way to round up your APIs

  • Different ways to collect, identify/secure, and present APIs

  • The unique benefits that come with using the Axway solution

Here's a 30-second preview:

“You need a way to round up all your APIs.”
- William McKinney, Senior Director of Product & Solutions Marketing

About Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

Businesses are developing APIs at a rapid speed, but they often lack insights into all the APIs they have and whether they’re secure. Similarly, they tend to be in the dark about the usage of their APIs and the value each API produces.

While this visibility gap has been the norm for some time, it’s becoming more of an issue in today’s digital landscape. API data breaches are on the rise, businesses are combating a technical talent shortage, and APIs are now considered digital products that need to prove their value to the bottom line.

Time is running out: 3 reasons to adopt universal API management now [CHECKLIST]

The API management round-up process is made up of three phases

  1. Capture your existing APIs

  2. Validate and secure those APIs

  3. Get those APIs to market

Backed by a universal API management platform, Amplify Enterprise Marketplace offers an efficient way for businesses to tackle each of these steps. The automated discovery of unmanaged APIs paired with access to pre-built security policies lends itself to centralized API management that reduces complexity, supports alignment, and drives monetization efforts.

Are you ready to round up your APIs with Amplify Enterprise Marketplace?

WATCH THE WEBINAR to learn more.

About the Author

William McKinney

William McKinney is the Senior Director, Platform Marketing. William is an experienced marketing executive responsible for creating data-driven marketing programs and positioning Axway's Amplify Platform in an intensely competitive environment. In this role, he helps enterprises clarify their API challenges, bridge the gap between IT and business, and design innovative digital experiences – for their own teams as well as their customers. Specializing in B2B solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, William’s previous experience includes delivering results for IBM, HP, and JD Edwards. He enjoys simplifying the complex in a way that helps leaders turn ideas into action with measurable results. William loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, and camping. A graduate of Baylor University, he lives in Littleton, Colorado.

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