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January 31, 2024 Stass Pertsovskiy

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  • The current state of the B2B integration market and its challenges

  • How Axway B2B Integration supports a more modern infrastructure

  • Three real-world examples of Axway supporting modern B2B integration

"AS4 is, unfortunately, a fairly complicated protocol that requires a very strong and sophisticated B2B solution to make absolutely sure it supports AS4 in the right way."
- Rogier Van Boxtel, Director, Presales Consulting

About a modern B2B integration strategy

Many companies have run their B2B/EDI solutions for decades. But as the world becomes more hyperconnected, the B2B integration market is evolving. And this shift is leaving new challenges for B2B experts in its wake.

While EDI continues to drive many business processes, the API market is becoming more important for B2B integration. APIs allow for trade with other partners. They also power new business cases in automation and other digital applications such as chatbots.

At the same time, there are new market regulations like ICS2. This EU mandate requires air, maritime, road, and rail cargo businesses to communicate information about goods before they enter the EU. The mandate requires the use of AS4 for B2B communications.

5 crucial elements in a B2B solution to properly support ICS2 requirements [CHECKLIST]

The modern B2B ecosystem demands companies remodel their integration processes. Businesses need to have the means to innovate and ensure compliance. At the same, they need to be resilient in the face of inevitable disruption. It’s only then that businesses can thrive in this age of digital transformation.

The Axway B2B Integration Platform helps businesses maximize value and ensure compliance. Automotive manufacturers, airlines, and retailers have experienced the power of the cloud-based solution. They've used it to move away from legacy software, support AS4 communications, and move core operations to the cloud.

Move forward with a future-enabled platform

Learn more about the future of B2B integration

About the Author

Stass Pertsovskiy

Stass Pertsovskiy is the Director of B2B Product Marketing at Axway. Stass has spent almost 20 years in IT, with a focus for the last 10 years on product strategy, business growth, and product marketing. He has vast experience in product storytelling, positioning, packaging, and defining commercial strategy for B2B, e-Commerce, AI-driven, and SaaS solutions. These days Stass leads product marketing for Axway’s B2B product line, which includes B2B Integration (B2Bi, TSIM, etc.) in the Cloud and as Software, Axway Business Network, eInvoicing, and specialized healthcare solutions like CSOS and Track & Trace. Stass holds a Ph.D. in Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligence from the Russian Academy of Science. He has been living in Nice, France for quite a few years and has a multi-national family in Israel, Russia, the United States, and France, and he is a father of four. He likes running, snowboarding, and riding a motorbike.

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