E-invoicing: How to comply easily with upcoming mandates

January 31, 2024 Michel Gilis

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn about:
- What the roll out of new e-invoicing mandates means for European countries and beyond
- Real-world examples of workflows that will need to change because of the new e-invoicing mandates
- How the right certified partner can help you simply compliance
- The value Axway brings to the table as a global e-invoicing leader

Here's a 1:20 preview:

"You need to consider two things: what you need to do to be compliant and also how you can leverage that obligation to automate your process so that you can actually reduce costs."
— Mathias Bonnard, VP Product Management at Axway

Adhere to a new wave of e-invoicing mandates without the headaches 

B2G e-invoicing is already mandatory for public procurements in the European Union (EU). Now, with more countries moving over to continuous transaction control (CTC), the same types of standards are emerging in B2B.

France, Poland, and Romania are all expected to mandate e-invoicing by 2024. And other countries like Germany, Spain, and Belgium aren’t far behind.

With the intent to have all EU countries mandate B2B e-invoicing by 2030, now is the time to start thinking about compliance. While complying with the new standards can seem complex on the surface, having the right partner in your corner makes all the difference. In fact, they can help you go beyond just being compliant and actually help you streamline other business processes.


Axway is a global e-invoicing solution provider you can trust. Our complete and flexible offering uses standardized processes, easily integrates with back-office operations, and provides a centralized space to see and manage exceptions and lifecycle events. You’ll have the means to solve IT and business problems efficiently while meeting expectations and deadlines.

Discover how Axway can help you easily comply with new e-invoicing mandates. Contact us to learn more:

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Michel Gilis

Michel Gilis is VP of e-Invoicing at Axway

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