B2B Talks: The Connected Future of EDI

January 31, 2024 JB Bentz

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn about:
- The merging of EDI and API integration patterns in modern business
- The value of a consistent platform experience across processes
- Real-world examples of EDI and APIs solving integration problems
- How workforces need to adapt to the rise of hybrid implementations

Here's a 1-minute preview:

"What we've found now is the market is extremely ready, optimistic, and interested in web service and web-service APIs."
— Todd Gould, CEO of Loren Data

EDI and APIs: Two B2B integration patterns coming together

Electronic data interchange (EDI) continues to play a key role in B2B integration. But we can’t ignore the rise of application programming interfaces (APIs) and their role in connecting the modern digital world.

It’s clear these two B2B integration patterns need to coexist in the future of EDI. When EDI and API work alongside each other, businesses are in a position to solve modern B2B integration challenges tied to configurations, operations, and transactions.


With the right EDI and API integration strategy, you can preserve all the investments you’ve made over the years while finding new ways to be proactive and innovative. It’s a matter not only of using technology to your advantage but also ensuring that the current and future workforce meets in the middle to support one another.

Move forward with a future-enabled platform

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About the Author

JB Bentz

JB Bentz is Vice President and General Manager, B2B Integration. JB has worked in the EDI/B2B integration industry for 20+ years, with customers in nearly all verticals across the globe. So far in his career, it has been predicted that EDI would be made obsolete or replaced by no less than four technology alternatives, but EDI has proven extremely resilient and integral to the operation of the global supply chain. As general manager of Axway’s B2B product line, JB is responsible for all aspects of its global success, including cross-functional investments and overall P&L. He determines strategy to ensure market fit and customer success. Previous experience includes sales and product management at GXS, Liaison Technologies, and OpenText.

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