MFT Demo: Open your enterprise ecosystem with Axway Intelligent MFT

January 31, 2024 Chandu Manda

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:
- The growing need to simplify the complexity of MFT integration patterns
- How Axway Intelligent MFT helps streamline integration efforts
- A real-world example of the managed file transfer tool in action
- How Axway Intelligent MFT benefits extend from developers to users

Here's a 1-minute preview:

"The speed at which you can deliver these integrations to production is basically a key performance indicator of their business agility." 
Chandu Manda, Axway's Field CTO

An easier way to manage complex MFT integrations

The evolution and explosion of business applications has increased managed file transfers among businesses. As the number of file transfers grows, so does the variety in format. Together, these variables have made MFT integration patterns more complex.

Axway Intelligent MFT introduces a new, open approach to address these complexities. Based on a no-code user interface, Axway Intelligent MFT makes it easier for developers to connect their ecosystem of business applications —– no matter where they live or how they communicate. The solution acts as a true MFT integration platform.


Axway Intelligent MFT is a product of pairing Axway’s core managed file transfer capabilities with the power of an integration system. The result is a solution that helps reduce time to value, lower operational costs, and generate more revenue.

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About the Author

Chandu Manda

Chandu Manda is the Field CTO for Axway MFT Solutions. As Field CTO for Axway's Managed File Transfer product line, Chandu provides guidance to both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring the MFT solution meets customer needs of today and tomorrow. He actively contributes to the product roadmap, leveraging his market knowledge to drive innovation and enhance the solution's functionality. Throughout previous roles, Chandu has delivered scalable & robust enterprise solution architecture in the integration space with a strong focus on customer centricity. Chandu has a master’s degree in management information systems from the reputed Eller College of Management, University of Arizona.

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