Build and monetize your APIs with Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

March 20, 2024

Produce APIs that align with business outcomes and lead to potential new revenue streams

Companies like yours that start their API journeys by building internal APIs often fail to fully anticipate issues of duplication, external security, multi-cloud deployment, and impact for new revenue models, all of which can inhibit reuse and slow down app development. Similarly, you may be focusing your existing API efforts solely on building them, instead of making them easier to adopt – something that will only get harder as the number of APIs increases.

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, part of Axway's Amplify Platform, lets your IT teams build API products that focus on consumption by first aligning them to line-of-business objectives. Instead of approaching every API as a technical interface, your team treats them as products designed to deliver a valuable business capability.

With Marketplace, API products are curated and presented to internal and external app developers in a contextual way – complete with use case documentation – so they're easier to find, adopt, and use. This accelerates time-to-market for your digital services. Plus you have an opportunity to monetize APIs directly by offering subscription plans for accessing and using your API products, or indirectly by boosting API and business performance internally.

Why you need Axway Enterprise Marketplace

Deliver digital initiatives faster
Enable application teams to find and activate API services faster

Measure digital efforts
Track usage and performance of digital assets and monetize them directly or indirectly

Automate data governance
Get control over unmanaged and unsecured APIs at risk of attack by hackers

Improve customer experience
Prioritize the developer experience in building your digital business

Operationalize all your APIs
View common metrics to increase confidence and consistency in service delivery at reduced cost

Focus on business outcomes
Use metrics to make the business case for your API development projects

Decrease backlog
Build more useful APIs with validated security and increased API value, usage, and longevity

Maintain independence
Let developers decide on tools to use while enabling central security and management to meet SLAs

Companies trust Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

More and more progressive companies across industries are discovering the advantages of Enterprise Marketplace to increase API adoption by developers, move digital initiatives to the market faster, and derive the highest possible ROI from their API investment.

Ready to build APIs for consumption and monetize them with Amplify Enterprise Marketplace?

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