9 steps to implementing the API marketplace of the future

October 20, 2023

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace enables you to automatically discover APIs, assess their quality, and measure their usage and performance to maximize their value to your business. But what does it take to get this next-generation API developer portal up and running? Here are the nine key processes Axway follows to help you fast-track implementation of Amplify Marketplace and start seeing results. 

01 Aligning your API strategy to business value

Axway gets the ball rolling by conducting a detailed API marketplace strategy workshop that aligns your solution strategy to the business goals you expect to achieve. This involves having an API program vision and mission statement, developing an engagement plan to coordinate efforts and target quick wins, and establishing a stakeholder map and KPI framework to track progress relative to expectations. 

02 Leveraging a universal API management platform

Your new API marketplace solution is built on Amplify, Axway's universal API management platform. This means your API teams can develop and govern APIs across integration patterns — API, MFT, and B2B integration — on-premises or in any cloud. It also liberates your API teams from the restrictions of multiple vendor gateways that can hamper your API strategy and developer experience. 

03 Activating your Amplify Marketplace API portal

In this stage, you'll use lightweight agents to automatically discover, provision, and track usage of your APIs. The agents need to be co-located with the API gateway currently hosting them, which involves building a small executable program and installing it on the gateway. Your security team secures and opens ports for connection to the SaaS platform. 

04 Populating your API marketplace

Once agents are deployed and have access to the platform, a service registry gets populated with all the discovered APIs that have been analyzed, categorized, and normalized. Linting rules are then configured for design and security policies that validate discovered API assets. Axway experts help make sure your new API marketplace solution aligns with desired business outcomes. 

05 Configuring and tailoring your API marketplace

This phase is all about building a better experience for developers. Axway helps you set up authorization and access controls, which can include using an existing entity provider (IDP) that requires careful configuration and integration. Define the structure of your teams and roles and configure the solution accordingly. Then document your policies for support, escalation, and usage. 

06 Approaching your APIs as products

Creating API products means providing not just the API, but also the documentation, use cases, sample code, SLAs, and more to deliver a complete business service. Axway shows you how to create a branded experience and to configure these products for monetization if desired. You'll be able to integrate your API marketplace subscription approval process into each API product. 

07 Going live with your new API marketplace

Your API storefront's grand opening starts with a soft release, which involves testing it with alpha users, monitoring analytics against KPIs, and making final adjustments. This way, you can develop the API product intelligence needed to keep your API initiatives on track. You'll continue to generate and monitor these crucial metrics for insights into the effectiveness of your API marketplace as long as it's live. 

08 Getting developers to use your API marketplace

With its centralized control and curated packaging of API business services capabilities, your new solution makes the process of discovering and adopting specific APIs simple. Developers can try out the API, obtain documentation, and learn about subscribing and gaining access credentials so they can put it into production. Using things like leaderboards or gamification can also attract developers to your APIs. 

09 Succeeding beyond implementation 

Axway is with you at every stage of your API marketplace solution, even after you're up and running, but still learning. As your business evolves in the API space and grows in the embedded economy, Axway is there with Customer Success representatives and Axway Catalysts, who'll help you stay aligned with business goals, respond to disruption, and make any necessary adjustments. 

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