How to govern APIs at the enterprise level
How do you provide the security and governance your enterprise demands, given the diversity and sprawl of the infrastructure that currently supports it? Discover API governance frameworks, best practices, and tools for federated API management that offer a central management plane.
What is API governance?
API governance addresses the question of how to get the benefits of increased agility, while still keeping some centralized overview and control of the capabilities that exist and get developed. It refers to the set of policies, processes, and procedures that ensure the effective management and control of APIs within an organization — and without.
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Laying out an API governance framework
API sprawl, the unchecked growth of APIs in an organization, is an ongoing challenge in today's multi-cloud, multi-team, and multi-gateway environment. It's why modern API governance frameworks attempt to strike a delicate balance between centralized policy enforcement and distributed agile teams. Learn about of common governance tactics and why embracing a universal (or federated) approach to API management can be the best response to an enterprise's needs.
Universal/Federated API management
Universal API management (also referred to as federated API management) offers visibility and control over APIs wherever they are, and whatever form they take. Why is this approach so revolutionary, and how does it work? Read on to understand what it takes to execute on the promise of federated API management.
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Empower developers beyond the API portal
The problem with relying mainly on a traditional API developer portal to govern APIs is that API sprawl challenges prevent any single gateway from doing the job alone. Instead, more companies are turning to an API marketplace to package, present, and manage their APIs as products that will drive greater adoption. That includes securely streamlining the onboarding process and empowering developers to use their APIs.
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API Talks: Unleash the Power of Secure APIs!
In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn about: - Why a uniform approach to policy enforcement is so important - Best practices for API governance to build a secure fortress around your data - How Axway's Amplify Platform streamlines management of your API ecosystem
API governance best practices
The ultimate goal of API governance is to maximize value across the entire API landscape. When APIs are coherently designed, their value is more apparent, and it becomes easier for developers to tap into the entire ecosystem of an organization's API landscape.
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Here's an API governance checklist with best practices to consider: 1. Establish clear governance policies around development, usage, security, and compliance 2. Automate API validation (linting) 3. Standardize API design 4. Implement versioning strategies 5. Maintain a central registry/catalog for all approved API services 6. Ensure every API style is supported (REST, async, GraphQL...) 7. Enforce authentication and authorization 8. Secure APIs (encryption, rate limiting, threat detection, etc.) 9. Provide comprehensive API documentation 10. Monitor and adapt with the help of analytics 11. Don't forget the importance of developer experience

An example of federated API governance at work
Global engineering and technology innovator Bosch wanted to offer greater flexibility, agility, and integration for internal developers and external partners. Working with Axway, Bosch launched Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, bringing all APIs in the organization into one easy-to-manage catalog.
"With Amplify Marketplace, there's no need for developers to traverse the whole organization trying to find the right API." - David Geiger, Head of API Management at Bosch Digital
API governance tools for enterprise-level control
In a modern digital landscape often defined by API sprawl, tackling governance challenges can be overwhelming. But the right tools can help give you a full picture of the APIs being created, used, and maintained within your enterprise.
Axway's Amplify Platform is truly universal, with the tools you need to manage the API lifecycle in a transparent, federated way with more granular control for producers and end-users than ever before. And you'll be offering a better developer experience with an API marketplace to drive adoption.
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