5 reasons why Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is the developer’s dream API portal

June 2, 2023

Simplify how internal and external developers find the APIs they need to build mobile and online apps.

Whether you're an app or API developer, IT team leader, or a C-level leader with close responsibility across individual IT silos, Enterprise Marketplace offers a proven path to unleashing the full value of your APIs. Here are 5 reasons why.

Say goodbye to the API graveyard

For many IT teams, the vast diversity of where APIs are built and deployed can result in an API graveyard: too many portals with lots of expensive APIs nobody uses. Enterprise Marketplace consolidates all your APIs across platforms, gateways, integrations, and repositories into one developer portal with a single point of governance.

Declare your independence

With Enterprise Marketplace, app and API development teams can always use the individual tools that work best for them. Choice is not dictated by the widely varying standards imposed from multiple gateway or other solution vendors. Development goes more smoothly, developers are more productive, and digital initiatives get out the door faster.

Find the API, the whole API, and nothing but the API

APIs are treated as the valuable products they are with Enterprise Marketplace. They're not merely connectors lost in one-off implementations. They're categorized, grouped, and packaged to give developers greater granularity and context in choosing an API that will quickly and precisely meet related business goals.

Move digital initiatives to market faster

Lightweight agents automatically discover, capture, and validate APIs so developers can keep track of each API's usage and performance metrics, promoting quick, easy API adoption and streamlining introduction of new digital initiatives. Total visibility and monitoring of all APIs also cuts the security risk of unknown APIs and prevents API duplication.

Leverage the universal effect

Enterprise Marketplace is built on the Amplify, Axway's universal API management platform. That means developers can govern APIs across multiple teams, multiple integration patterns (API, MFT, B2B integration), multiple vendor gateways, and multiple deployments on-premises or in any cloud. As a true universal platform, Amplify helps unlock the full value of every API.

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This API marketplace is the only API developer portal you need

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