Axway Flow Manager. Govern data flows more efficiently with self-service tools.

Increase operational efficiency with centralized,
self-service flow management and governance

Flow Manager is a centralized solution for flow creation, management and
governance. It allows IT organizations to improve operational efficiency and
consistency — and reduce time to market — by enforcing a standardization
of the flow lifecycle with predefined, prepopulated templates. Flow Manager
addresses a number of traditional managed file transfer (MFT) infrastructure
challenges while providing IT staff and business users with the self-service
tools needed to manage their flows of data.

Flow Manager’s comprehensive user interface lets business users view
available flow template services and subscribe their partners to these
services. The Amplify Catalog, Axway’s central repository, gives users a
single, complete view of partners across all integration patterns — MFT,
API, B2B — and a centralized store for all flows that provides consistency
and ease of use within the organization.

Flow Manager also includes plugins for different MFT components such
as Transfer CFT and SecureTransport, and can be extended to integrate
with other solutions. API capabilities allow headless MFT operations for
rich integration possibilities to meet all digital integration needs.
Flow Manager helps solve the following key challenges for businesses
and enterprises:

  • Time to Market. Industrializes the development and deployment of data movement across the lifecycle. This drastically cuts the time to involve a partner in a new interaction and reduces the risk of having IT tasks in the critical path of a business project.
  • Operational Costs. Promotes reusability at the level of data movement patterns through a single, centralized governance interface that future proofs the organization’s file-based integrations.
  • Self-service. Improves flexibility by providing a fit-for-purpose self-service catalog driven by business needs. Amplify Catalog enhances the management of MFT flows to allow consumption by users with little technical knowledge.

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Demo | Self-service and re-usability with Flow Manager
Demo | Self-service and re-usability with Flow Manager

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