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MFT for the New Normal

What’s holding enterprises back from digital transformation?

The importance of MFT in today’s business world can’t be overstated. Last year, a staggering 79 zettabytes (1021) of data was generated worldwide, and that figure is expected to more than double (181 ZB) by 2025. That makes secure, compliant, and near real-time file transfers a must-have for all organizations.

Yet at the same time, IT teams lack the time and budget to innovate. Corporations devote up to 90% of their IT budgets managing internal complexities, according to a Harvard Business Review report. That means they spend less than 10% of their resources on the type of data innovation that can improve productivity and enhance their customer experiences. And the global lack of available IT talent only adds to the frustration for in-house teams. Each time a business user must file a ticket to complete a file transfer, it saps valuable IT resources.

These factors make updating your MFT solution a critical part of your enterprise’s digital transformation. In this white paper, you’ll discover the five business imperatives creating the need for more modern MFT. You’ll also see how a concept called intelligent self-service uses advanced analytics and pre-built templates to help businesses see future problems faster and complete secure file transfers with far less IT involvement.

Download this white paper to learn about:

5 business imperatives creating a need for more modern MFT

  1. Shortage of skilled tech workers
  2. Soaring volumes of data
  3. Teams under pressure to deliver
  4. Evolving compliance regulations
  5. Increasing security risks

What best-in-class MFT looks like today

  1. Operational intelligence
  2. Self-service

3 best practices for MFT modernization

  1. Choose a vendor that can give you a flexible integration path
  2. Demand reliability
  3. Do the math

Intelligent self-service with Axway MFT

  1. MFT that benefits your IT team and your business users
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