3 steps to take now to future-proof your managed file transfer operations

Companies have spent decades creating modern digital infrastructures. The goal of these efforts is to make data more actionable. But as demands change, so must the strategies behind these infrastructures. Managed file transfer (MFT) is no exception.

MFT has solidified its importance in digital infrastructure. It coexists with APIs to support the transfer of large financial data files, geological and survey data files, CAD files, and more.

File transfers like these continue to grow in number, and it’s time for businesses to take proactive steps to create a sustainable MFT infrastructure for the future. Here are three imperative factors to consider.

✓ Prepare for growing integration patterns

The integration ecosystem is growing. Data is diverse, and data is currency. There needs to be a cohesive way to bring together file transfers and APIs within the digital infrastructure. This helps to modernize MFT operations. Businesses can leverage APIs to configure and provision file transfers as well as integrate more applications into the IT infrastructure.

Learn now how to better automate your MFT with APIs.

✓ Empower a better user experience

One of the most powerful efficiency levers in MFT operations is a good user experience for stakeholders. When people feel empowered, businesses save time and costs; they also secure the power of their infrastructure. This becomes all the more important in the context of the Great Resignation. Businesses have suffered from a lack of technical resources and expertise. This level of efficiency helps close these gaps.

See how to implement self-service for your MFT.

✓ Enable proactive data security measures

Businesses that have done MFT for a while shouldn’t wait for security teams to engage with them. Instead, companies should take a proactive approach that is mindful of new security controls and architectures that will be critical to future operations. There is a real opportunity to subscribe with the right SLAs, offer the right certification levels, and deliver on the Zero Trust standard.

Discover what Zero Trust means for your data transfers with MFT.

At Axway, we want to help power innovation in MFT operations. That means providing customers with an integrated, secure MFT environment built with key stakeholders in mind.

Secure your MFT operations and safeguard your customers

To learn more about our innovations, tune into this webinar.

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