Axway Transfer CFT

Easily govern high-volume data flow across
enterprise multi-sites and platforms

Transfer CFT is an enterprise-ready, multi-platform file transfer controller
that ensures consistent quality of service and a uniform interface for
applications across widely distributed organizations — regardless of
the underlying platforms. It is nonintrusive and reduces the design,
implementation, and operations costs associated with governing the
flow of data for critical multi-site business processes.

Transfer CFT is integrated with Flow Manager, an innovative software
solution that provides a single user interface for the centralized
management of a customer’s complete Axway Managed File Transfer
ecosystem. This reduces operational management costs and eliminates
middleware configuration errors and inconsistencies by centralizing and
simplifying all aspects of Transfer CFT installation, configuration and

Flow Manager also permits rapid response to changing
business requirements by providing self-service capabilities for business
users, allowing business users to quickly and easily create and deploy
flows with no need for IT involvement, resulting in consistency and faster
time to revenue.

Read the data sheet and then contact us to learn more.


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Axway Flow Manager. Govern data flows more efficiently with self-service tools.
Axway Flow Manager. Govern data flows more efficiently with self-service tools.

Increase operational efficiency with centralized, self-service flow management and governance

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