MFT Talks: Why the Zero Trust Security Model matters

In this 30-minute webinar from the MFT Talks series, you'll learn:

- How cloud adoption is making the MFT infrastructure more complex
- Why holistic visibility is especially critical in today’s MFT landscape
- The challenges businesses are currently facing in Zero Trust adoption
- Actionable steps to take in establishing a successful Zero Trust journey

Here's a 40-second preview:

“The need for MFT to deliver this fully holistic solution around security and reliability is extremely important, more so now than before.”
- Chandu Manda, Field CTO for MFT

About the Zero Trust security shift

Today, it takes about 200 days for businesses to detect a data breach. But with movement to the cloud, the MFT landscape is spreading. That wider spread naturally makes it harder to detect and resolve data breaches.

Considering these factors, it’s important for businesses to think about how they design and organize their MFT infrastructure. The Zero Trust security model supports these efforts. Designed to provide a strong security posture, the Zero Trust security model operates under the assumption that you can’t trust anyone and users should be granted the most limited access.

With no single solution that exists to deliver Zero Trust security, businesses are often at a loss for how to begin their adoption journey. On one hand, there tends to be a lack of consensus between security and operations teams. At the same time, the maturity of vendors in the MFT space continues to evolve.

5 steps you can take to move toward Zero Trust security [CHECKLIST]

As an MFT cloud vendor, Axway understands vendors can’t be complacent. While customers try to figure out the best plan of action, we’re striving to lead the way in making some of the Zero Trust core business processes usable.

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