It's time to open your managed file transfer. It's easier. Faster. More secure. Are you open?

The world's largest organizations trust Axway Managed File Transfer for secure file transfers.

They use it to move large portions of the global money supply, send highly confidential next-gen product designs through the cloud, and transfer critical healthcare information that helps save lives.

You can trust Axway Managed File Transfer, too.

Axway Managed File Transfer offers out-of-the-box connectors and support for a wide range of operations protocols. Use containers and dev/ops to speed delivery and reduce outages. Headless operations and API-driven commands enable game changing innovation. Engage your customers and partners across any channel, any deployment model in a single solution. Axway shares the delivery accelerators, best practices, and expertise to accelerate your time to value.

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Axway Transfer CFT
Axway Transfer CFT

Easily govern high-volume data flow across enterprise multi-sites and platforms

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Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport. Real-time MFT intelligence.
Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport. Real-time MFT intelligence.

Optimize the customer experience by empowering business with self-service file transfer intelligence