The intelligent approach to detecting and preventing MFT issues

MFT Operational Intelligence leverages historical data and predictive
analytics to make sure any file transfer failures, bottlenecks – or deviation
from normal behavior – is detected every time, in real time.

Ensure maximum MFT system uptime all the time

Detect and pinpoint exactly when, where, and why
managed file transfer anomalies occur, keeping you
ahead of costly problems – and your competition.

  • Understand your MFT ecosystem. Know what “normal” looks like for your system so you know when something is out of the ordinary.
  • Get alerted when problems arise. You shouldn’t have to find problems in your system hours or days later. Find out right away through alerts.
  • Repair outages faster. Since you’re not guessing about when and where an outage occurs, you can promptly address it.
  • Avoid future problems. As soon as your system is overworked or underperforming, you’ll know and can fix it before anything bad happens.

Spot erroneous and failed transfers immediately

Getting notifications about send errors and failed file transfers before they make an impact gives you a chance to right the wrong and mitigate any potential consequences.

  • Identify file transfer patterns. Do you send the same set of files to the same partner every day? Predictive analytics can recognize patterns and monitor delivery.
  • Automate checks and actions. If delivery fails, or even if there’s human error, you’ll automatically be sent an alert.
  • Prevent disruption to your partners and customers. Once you know an expected set of files hasn’t been delivered, you can step in and reinitiate the transfer.

Focus human efforts on adding value to your business

With reliable, continuous operational intelligence keeping an eye on all your file transfers, your team’s talents and expertise can be directed toward more important things – like growing your company.

  • Improve IT efficiency. Identify optimizations, leverage automation, and redirect attention to other tasks that serve business users, partners, and customers.
  • Reduce operational costs. With the need for human oversight greatly reduced, you can do more with fewer resources.

Managed file transfer without proper operational intelligence, is not really intelligent. MFT Operational Intelligence is ready-to-use as soon as it’s installed. It works with any deployment pattern and integrates with Axway SecureTransport gateway and Axway Transfer CFT flow controller.


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