How B2B MFT Platform Services Helps Cardinal Health

Hear Lori Havlovitz discuss how Axway helps Cardinal Health govern the critical data flows that support the company as the essential link in the healthcare supply chain.

B2B MFT Platform Services for Cardinal Health

  • Cardinal Health is an essential link in the healthcare supply chain 
  • 220,000 B2B orders processed everyday 
  • Accounts for over half of Cardinal Health review 
  • 350,000 Internal MFT transactions processed everyday
  • Serving the full continuum of care

Cardinal Health is a multi-billion dollar healthcare services company. We provide pharmaceutical and medical products to healthcare providers. With 30,000 employees and direct operations worldwide, we deliver products and services to 100,000 locations daily. Annually, we manufacture and source over 2 billion products, serving more than 75 percent of US hospitals.

I'm the Vice President of Platform Services at Cardinal Health. We're a shared IT organization and the backbone of the Cardinal Health economy. Our responsibilities include planning, building, and supporting multiple platforms: B2B commerce, data security, and analytics. Our team consists of 10 departments focusing on reliable patient care and critical customer platforms.

Our critical flows include customer ADI, supplier ADI, and support for 3PL businesses, financial transactions, and internal transactions. We receive orders from various customers such as national pharmacy chains, retail independents, hospitals, doctor's offices, and laboratories, spanning the healthcare continuum. We also collaborate with suppliers like Baxter and Abbott for medical and pharmaceutical inventory, crucial for the healthcare supply chain.

Externally, we process 220,000 orders and order confirmations daily with our partners, constituting half of our annual revenue. Internally, we handle approximately 350,000 transactions across our business operations. System performance and availability are paramount, given our role in delivering products and services to healthcare settings. Our availability target is 99.9 percent.

Axway has been instrumental in providing software solutions like Gateway Interchange for external trading partners and Transfer CFT for internal transactions. Through managed services, Axway extends our capabilities by providing resources for run and build projects, effectively becoming an extension of our team.

As part of Cardinal's business obligations, we comply with DEA regulations by receiving digital signatures from customers when they order controlled substances. Axway's Cloud Service offers a technology-agnostic, API-driven solution that has been well-received by our customers.

I'm excited about leveraging Axway's robust foundation to innovate new solutions for our customers and enhance healthcare outcomes.


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