Companies succeeding with MFT in the cloud

Why companies are upgrading and simplifying file transfer for a future-proof enterprise

As pressure grows to move more mission-critical data quickly and securely, enterprises are looking to the cloud to upgrade managed file transfer (MFT) operations or simplify MFT with SaaS.

Secure MFT in the cloud is an option for any business regardless of size.
Axway offers pay-as-you-go subscription services that let you outsource
all or some of your mission-critical data exchange operations to our cloud
MFT experts.

Railinc keeps millions of rail assets rolling 24/7

A critical component of U.S. transportation infrastructure, Railinc supports
commercial and government organizations with the information services they
need to keep their rail assets moving day and night.

To ensure the B2B messaging infrastructure that powers these digital
capabilities is always available, Railinc depends on always-on Axway
Managed File Transfer to ensure stores can stock their shelves with
household essentials.

  • 800 stakeholders must continually exchange data with Railinc to ensure the network runs seamlessly
  • 99.95% availability helps Railinc ensure always-on integration
  • 450,000 file transfers run daily between Railinc and its partners, making 24/7 uptime essential
  • >2 million assets roll smoothly across the North American rail network every year

Read the Railinc case study

California OTech supports high-quality digital services for citizens

The Office of Technology Services (OTech) is the guardian of public data
for the state of California, managing tens of thousands of applications and
databases used by hundreds of departments, agencies, boards, commissions,
and programs across the state.

With digital government initiatives on the rise across the state, OTech aimed
to empower government agencies to share data with internal and external
stakeholders at speed and scale—without compromising on information
security and data governance.

OTech replaced time-consuming approaches to data sharing such as
physical storage media, email attachments, and unencrypted point-to-point
connections with a single, central instance of Axway Managed File Transfer.

  • 50 state agencies and their customers can move data quickly, securely and cost-effectively
  • Zero need for physical storage media to send large files, reducing costs
  • Sensitive data secured at rest and in transit, facilitating regulatory compliance

Read the OTech case study

Download the guide for more MFT cloud benefits and case studies.

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Companies succeeding with B2B integration in the cloud
Companies succeeding with B2B integration in the cloud

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