OneHealthPort delivers secure gateway for API-driven communications

Giving healthcare providers seamless data-sharing in the cloud

To deliver its HIE, OneHealthPort selected Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration, which is deployed in the AWS cloud. A subscription service for electronic-data integration (EDI), the solution enables OneHealthPort to drive reliable, scalable B2B integration processes without the need for costly on-premises infrastructure.While most large healthcare organizations have mature EDI capabilities, many smaller organizations lack the budgets and existing IT infrastructure to support an enterprise-class B2B integration platform.

To enable these providers to benefit from the HIE, OneHealthPort combined the Axway Managed Cloud Services solution with the Amplify API Management Platform. With a flexible, scalable API gateway, the company empowers smaller healthcare organizations to leverage its services without the need for more complex EDI exchange solutions.




North America


Connect healthcare organizations across the Pacific Northwest with secure data-sharing services for better patient care experiences and efficient healthcare delivery.


• Amplify API Management Platform

• Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2Bi


OneHealthPort delivers a secure gateway for API-driven communication, supporting 75,000 healthcare organizations with collaboration solutions.

Read the full case study above to learn more.  Contact us with questions.

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To our brilliant customers, thank you.
To our brilliant customers, thank you.

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