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July 10, 2024

OneHealthPort was founded in 2002 by some of the leading healthcare companies in the Pacific Northwest. We were created to solve problems around workflow and information exchange that cross enterprise boundaries, as that's really the collaborative space. Along those lines, we operate a single sign-on security service, a provider directory service, an administrative simplification program, and, in our capacity as the state's lead organization for health information exchange, we also operate an HIE with state oversight and customer ownership.

It is really important for us to deliver that HIE service at the lowest possible cost in a very safe and secure manner. We are moving away from all the proprietary one-off connections in healthcare and pushing for the broad adoption of standards. Axway has provided OneHealthPort HIE with solid value. Initially, we were looking for a way to get into the market quickly and start providing services for organizations trying to meet their requirements.

One of our needs was an infrastructure that could be deployed rapidly. Axway cloud services and the B2Bi system were the perfect match for us, enabling us to set up operations and begin meeting our customer needs swiftly. As soon as we were stable, we started to grow transactions and needed to right-size the infrastructure to meet that growing need. The elasticity of the cloud environment and the B2Bi solution was perfect for helping us meet those business requirements in a timely fashion.

OneHealthPort believes the future of healthcare communication will rely heavily on APIs. For that reason, we have partnered with Axway on the API Gateway to start building transactions and help the community adopt those transactions. What we are doing in the API Gateway is creating pathways for smaller organizations to use those APIs and facilitate communication between their systems and larger healthcare entities. 

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