B2Bi | Security is essential

May 2, 2024

B2B integration security is essential for organizations. This video led by Axway's B2B integration experts explains how B2Bi incorporates security features that keep your organization safe. 

B2Bi & Security

B2Bi incorporates the following security features:

  • User Authentication / Confidentiality / Integrity, Non-repudiation
  • IP-Whitelisting 

  • SSO in networks with SAML 2.0 based identity provider servers 

  • Axway Secure Relay integration for secure connections to the Internet 

  • TLS/SSL sockets used for internal and external connections 

  • TLS/SSL sockets may be used for UI connections 

  • Prevent storage of non-encrypted payloads (SFTP)

  • Password management 

  • Certificate management 

Watch this video for a deep dive into each of the B2Bi security features listed above. Find out what B2B integration can mean for your business. 

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Axway B2B Integration Overview

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