Energy and utility companies: Securely open your APIs for business

July 16, 2022

Environmental regulations, changes in power generation, limited natural resources, and renewable energy demand are creating extraordinary challenges for the energy and utility sectors. Customer expectations for the digital experience are already shaping the competitive landscape. As a result, all energy systems need to be more connected, efficient, secure, and sustainable.

To measure up, you’ll need to adopt an API-first strategy to digitally transform and future-enable your company. The Axway Amplify API Management Platform provides a proven path to fast-track your digital business initiatives by delivering:

Security. Centralize your energy value chain and securely operationalize new and existing APIs by implementing a defense-in-depth strategy to safeguard all your APIs regardless of development or deployment.

Reliability. Maintain a dependable energy grid so you can drive the use and reuse of your APIs for always-on communication between power networks and operators, and market platforms.

Innovation. Accelerate delivery of new services and reduce your IT technology debt to reach parity with your competitors. Give consumers the data transparency and consumption control they demand.



  • Chief data officers (head of digital projects)

  • CIOs (modernization)

  • Chief product managers

  • Energy grid CTOs (API product management)


  • Secure and operationalize APIs

  • Drive API discovery, use, and reuse

  • Accelerate innovation

  • Deliver an omnichannel experience


  • Have a large legacy infrastructure

  • Want to avoid regulatory non-compliance

  • Have limited IT resources and budget

  • Lack modern skillset in staff

  • React primarily to external drivers


Then it’s time to secure your APIs with the Amplify API Management Platform


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