Modernize your B2B infrastructure

September 6, 2022

Benefit from modern, API-enabled B2B and EDI integration

Win more business use cases. Achieve more B2B integration value.
Businesses all over the world set up B2B IT systems decades ago. But technology has evolved at a rapid pace and yesterday’s B2B IT systems are now often outdated, unreliable, and highly costly to maintain, scale, and secure.

These systems can’t keep up with the API-driven solutions needed to meet the scalability requirements of today’s modern cloud–enabled businesses. You can compete and stay current with your partners’ and customers’ rapidly changing technology by modernizing your B2B integration with Axway’s API-first B2B Integration Platform available as software or managed cloud services. It will help set your business apart from those that are lagging behind and maintain your company’s overall innovation, security, and reliability to meet the market needs of a new era.

The Axway B2B Integration Platform experience helps you streamline traditional EDI and new API-driven integration processes, providing ultimate reliability, security, scalability, and compatibility with cloud-based ERP and partners’ ecosystems.

New revenue streams

Utilizing Axway’s solution as software or managed cloud services brings your business ahead. You’ll have more flexibility and a wider array of solutions to explore new business opportunities and create new revenue streams, thanks to APIs for operation, configuration, and transactions.

B2B integration management

Using the new Axway B2B Integration Platform experience, IT leaders can have a single point of management for a wide variety of EDI protocols and modern APIs.

Fast time to market

Thanks to efficient Axway onboarding processes, your business will enjoy a faster time to market, with 24/7/365 reliability and ultimate business continuity.

B2B engine performance

Enterprises will gain full B2B engine performance, with functional richness of capabilities, certifications and compliance, high flexibility and usability, new e-invoicing with PEPPOL services for standardized messaging in the order-to-invoice flow.

Greater visibility

Gain the ability to trace root causes as well as allow businesses to anticipate risks to SLAs and adjust accordingly.

Real-time alerts

Incorporate real-time alerts for malfunctioning connects and SLA risks.

Reversible cloud migration

Axway B2B Integration offers companies the flexibility to move in stages, or even just delegate portions of their EDI operations, to avoid lock-in.


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