Telecommunications companies: Securely open your APIs for business

July 20, 2022

Speeding digital initiatives with secure APIs in the telecommunications industry

Cyber resilience regulations, data protection, and privacy laws present significant challenges for the telecommunications industry. 5G and other digital trends impacting customer experience expectations are constantly redefining the competitive landscape. Together with Over-the-top (OTT) and mobile private networks (MPN), this is making the role of open ecosystem partner relationships crucial.

To meet consumer demands for more delightful and secure digital experiences,
you’ll need to adopt an API-first strategy. Axway Amplify API Management
Platform offers the protection, assurances, and proven path to fast-track your
digital business initiatives by delivering:

Security. Protect detail-rich customer databases and securely operationalize
new and existing APIs by implementing a defense-in-depth strategy to
safeguard all your APIs regardless of development or deployment.
Adoption. Focus on driving greater use and reuse of APIs to cut time and cost
for internal or private B2B projects and develop on top of connectivity
by leveraging 5G.

Innovation. Accelerate delivery of new services and reduce your IT technology
debt to reach parity with your competitors. Create a simple, engaging, and
consistent omnichannel experience for all products and services.
Automation. Implement zero-touch automation for a range of services
– especially in the cloud-mobile-edge sphere – and use a common SaaS
management plane to govern and monitor APIs across all deployments.

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