6 ways telecommunications companies can use APIs wisely and securely

July 25, 2022

Using APIs to support digital transformation presents multiple challenges for IT leaders in the telecommunications industry: cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and changing customer experience expectations.

Here are six ways to securely open your APIs across your digital ecosystem to accelerate successful project delivery and future-enable your business for continued growth.

Use what you have

Secure and govern APIs across multiple API gateways, teams and vendors – on-premises or in any cloud. Use a central management plane and unified catalog to empower IT and business teams to create secure, modern digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees while making the most of your existing investments.

Rein in the chaos

Take advantage of common services across all data planes to easily discover, trace, and register all API assets without impacting service performance. Common self-service onboarding and subscription management – regardless of API type or deployment – simplifies API management for business and IT personnel. Build a common data hub to leverage data for smarter energy decisions and improved digital experiences.

Take security to the next level

Look for an API management solution with built-in security that protects personal data without increasing costs and supports cyber resilience and privacy laws regulating telecommunications and telemedia. Implement a defense-in-depth strategy to safeguard APIs regardless of development or deployment. Reduce cyberattack vulnerability with a platform that provides Common Criteria Level 4 security certification.

Aim higher with low-code integration tools

Empower technical and business teams to build robust APIs, design integration flows, manage digital asset policies, and more. Line of business users in the telecommunications field can easily create and execute their own integration-based projects by tapping into self-service GUI tools, lightening the load on IT.

Speed up data delivery

Quickly deliver data where it’s needed and enhance the user experience by adding event-driven architecture. Enable real-time data-sharing, which improves service levels for customers, offers full visibility of data exchanges, enhances information security, facilitates access to data, and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

Focus on driving API adoption

Drive API adoption with a common SaaS management plane that lets you govern and monitor APIs across deployments. A central catalog of all your APIs allows them to be detected anywhere, used, and reused globally. Visibility into API usage and performance provides insights that lead to greater API adoption.

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Telecommunications companies: Securely open your APIs for business
Telecommunications companies: Securely open your APIs for business

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