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Looking Forward 2024

December 11, 2023

Perspectives on the digital trends for 2024 by Axway business, industry, and technology thought leaders

Axway business, industry, and technology experts paint a picture of the hottest trends and most pressing questions facing IT and business leaders in the year ahead. What are consumers saying about sharing financial data? Is telehealth the new normal in healthcare? What new regulatory policies will affect your API strategy? Read this predictions guide for insight on these and other burning questions for 2024.  

The way we work will be easier and more secure

AI, LLMs, and low-code/no-code integration will simplify work life and improve the customer experience, says Vince Padua, Chief Product Officer at Axway, but these will need to be balanced by concomitant security issues, one of which has prompted a U.S. executive order.

Say hello to a new customer: the AI-powered assistant

Axway Catalyst and Business Program Director, Emmanuel Methivier, sounds the alarm about artificial intelligent generatives, which will challenge traditional ways of thinking about interacting with digital systems and products. Also, look for an uptick in corporate social responsibility.

Autonomous IT teams confront the reality of data consent and control

A new CFPB proposed rule on personal financial data rights will drive decision-making in API strategies, even as the move to universal API management gives teams greater autonomy in making technology choices, according to Axway VP Digital Transformation Catalyst, Brian Otten.

The API world looks to universal API management

Look for universal API management to set the tone in a year that promises a rise in API productization and API marketplace adopters, says Axway's Mourad Jaakou, General Manager of Amplify Platform. Plus, AI in the API space is just beginning.

Supply chains rediscover the value of B2B VANs

A return to value-added networks for B2B connectivity will improve onboarding and security, according to Axway VP and General Manager of B2B Integration, JB Bentz, while more open and collaborative supply chains should generate key insights for creating business advantages.

File-based interactions remain critical to business

Axway VP and General Manager of Managed File Transfer, Meetesh Patel, says data and file security will continue to dominate the conversation in MFT, but generative AI's arrival on the scene puts a new twist in continued efforts to protect mission-critical file-based integrations.

Consumers okay with sharing financial data but want control

All eyes are on the CFPB proposed rule for personal financial data rights, says Axway SVP of Financial Services and Open Banking North America, Laurent Van Huffel, while security risks of "shadow APIs" should diminish with greater API visibility and control.

Mainstreaming of AI and telehealth a prognosis for 2024

As artificial intelligence and telehealth are set to factor heavily moving into 2024, so is the need for price transparency and a recalculation of a major drug supply chain deadline, says Bas Van Den Berg, VP of Amplify Platform at Axway.

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