The top 10 digital business trends to watch for in 2023

From the skyrocketing use of APIs to connect people and things, to security in the cloud and a looming interoperability deadline in healthcare, the factors shaping 2023 will also present opportunities for innovation and growth. Here are the top 10 digital trends to watch for in the year ahead.

1. Refining existing digital technologies will drive business

Axway CTIO, Vince Padua, sees businesses fine tuning the groundbreaking data integration technologies of recent years – and questioning others – to gain better traction in delivering innovation and improving partner ecosystems.

2. Digital transformation is... transforming

From platform engineering to digital twin, API marketplaces to cloud optimization, Axway Catalyst, Brian Otten, believes the year ahead is poised to be an inflection point in cloud migration, service virtualization, and an acceptance of digital assets as products.

3. Tech spaces in a dynamic world will encounter regional challenges

Whether it's disruption in electronics production due to COVID-19 or political decisions blocking digital activity, Axway Business Program Director and Catalyst, Emmanuel Methivier, says regions around the globe each face a unique set of obstacles that enterprises must deal with.

4. API automation and interoperability will define healthcare

As portals take center stage and healthcare organizations look to existing investments and multiple clouds for productivity gains, Axway VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Ruby Raley, points out that APIs are the way forward for automation and DSCSA 2023 compliance.

5. Updated open banking regulations will affect North America and Europe

Axway Head of Open Banking, Eyal Sivan, says North American firms should spend 2023 getting ready for 2024 regulations, while updates to PSD2 legislation in Europe broadens its focus. Adoption of common, open standards is set to cut the cost of implementing open banking.

6. All eyes are on security for MFT in the cloud

As file transfer moves further into a cloud-based world in 2023, it's important to understand that success won't come by adopting just any cloud infrastructure, according to Axway General Manager of Managed File Transfer, Meetesh Patel.

7. Resurgent B2B/EDI integration is reclaiming its ground

With companies determined to leverage APIs in their B2B ecosystem, and with the promise of blockchain relinquishing ground to the basic principles of B2B/EDI, JB Benz, Axway's General Manager of B2B Integration, says use of the technology will see rapid growth in 2023.

8. Packaging APIs as products will simplify adoption by app developers

A shift from API creation to API consumption will gather steam as use of API marketplaces to package and categorize APIs as products simplifies adoption by developers, according to Axway’s Senior Director of Platform Marketing, William McKinney, who says this will require greater emphasis on API security.

9. Closing the gap between API development and API consumption adds business value

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Axway in March of 2022 asked over 300 IT and business decision-makers where they stand on focusing less on API development and more on API adoption, which will boost API business value.

10. Opening your data is key to creating new experiences, services, and markets

Digital transformation is a never-ending journey. Whatever the digital landscape, the terrain is uneven and fluid. But this opens new passages to the next great opportunity on the horizon. Navigating the future starts with knowing your current bearing and where you stand in relation to others.

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