5 ways to unleash the power of Open Everything

Securely opening your data is the key to the next great wave of digital innovation. Follow these five steps to Open Everything by unlocking the full potential of your data to create brilliant digital experiences, expand into new markets, and future-enable your business for sustained growth. 

 01. Move API-enabled Managed File Transfer (MFT) to the cloud 

Opening everything with MFT in the cloud lets you manage and control how you send and receive business-critical files and data, so you stay secure and in compliance. Reduce expenses and TCO, get to market faster, and ease the burden on your staff by empowering line-of-business users with self-service and low-code/no-code capabilities. 

02. Future-proof B2B integration with software as a service (SaaS)

Take a cloud-based approach to B2B integration to cut costs, enhance security, and scale your infrastructure as business demands. With managed cloud services for B2B, you can improve service delivery in the present while confidently modernizing infrastructure to meet future demands.

03. Deploy an API management platform to move business forward

To open everything, you'll need a universal API management platform that allows you to quickly and easily get your APIs adopted by developers everywhere. The Amplify Platform gives app developers a single place to discover APIs, letting you create the digital experiences your customers expect and move new digital initiatives faster.

04. Keep your APIs secure and in compliance

Unify all API services to ensure compliance, validate conformance to spec and style guides, and protect your APIs and data from intrusion by hackers. Support data security and privacy regulations like SOC2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and others, while further reducing risk with Common Criteria and EAL 4+ (pending) certification.

05. Curate and monetize your APIs

Curate and monetize your APIs in a central marketplace you build to simplify internal and external API adoption, closing the gap between API development and consumption. Centralized grouping and packaging of your APIs lays the groundwork for treating APIs as products that produce new revenue streams. 

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