Consulting Offering: Data Flow Assessment

The beginning of a comprehensive process for a successful file transfer transition

Customers on InterPel or XFB Gateway want to modernize their file transfer infrastructure and move off their legacy solution. The key to a successful transition project is planning, and the Axway Professional Services organization can assist by providing expertise and recommendations to success. As a first step in the journey to modernization, Axway Professional Services can perform an assessment of your current infrastructure and flows. This will provide a documented status of the current situation as a baseline for planning a successful move to Axway Managed File Transfer.

The need to modernize
Customers are modernizing their MFT infrastructure in order to:

  • Increase agility and accelerate innovation. Meet evolving needs of a shifting market in a timely fashion and address new use cases or requests without costly and time-consuming changes
  • Reduce costs. Implement a single solution to meet all of the file transfer needs of the organization and minimize the risk of fines and penalties for non-compliance of service level agreements or regulatory requirements
  • Deploy anywhere. Choose the deployment model that best meets their needs, fully on-premises, in a private cloud, in an Axway managed cloud environment, or as a service
  • Address all use cases. Work with a unique solution that provides application-to-application, business-to-business, ad-hoc, and collaborative capabilities
  • Provide self-service flow management. Allow users to easily manage the file transfer flows from a single location using prepopulated templates
  • Benefit from operational intelligence. Gain full visibility, alerts and notifications, automatic resolution of many issues
  • Allow API integration. Integrate file transfer functionality with other business applications and IT service management solutions

About the file transfer transition
A successful file transfer transition includes completion of these important stages:

  • Assessment. Review and documentation of current state
  • Starter pack. Transition a small number of flows in a development environment
  • Pilot. Begin transitioning flows in a production environment
  • Roll out. Transition of all flows to Axway Managed File Transfer

Everything starts with a detailed assessment. Let Axway Professional
Services help you form an accurate picture of the current state of your
file transfer flows and infrastructure.

Data flow assessment
The initial phase of the transition project, called “Assessment,” provides the
customer with a map of existing flows that will allow a better understanding
of the next project steps. This mapping is based on the analysis of the
monitoring data generated natively by Axway’s file transfer monitors.

The assessment can be carried out either as part of a wider transition
project or as a stand-alone activity for customers wanting a better
understanding of their current situation.

A packaged offering
The Axway Professional Services organization has a packaged offering
to carry out the assessment phase, and provide the customer with a
comprehensive documentation of the current state of the infrastructure and
flows, which can be used to evaluate and plan future steps of the transition
project. Although the analysis is carried out by Axway Professional Services,
the offering does require an active participation from the customer to assist
with providing the required data and address questions relating to the
current infrastructure, architecture and flows.


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