Simplify the way you exchange payments and documents with the Fed

When banks are ready to automatically exchange critical documents with the Federal Reserve Bank, many use Axway’s Secure Client file transfer solution to do it.

 1,100 banks and credit unions currently use Secure Client to exchange payments and documents with the Fed

A single client does it all
Right now, you probably have to connect using multiple channels: email, the web,
and others. That means having to implement and manage multiple processes.
With Secure Client, you have a single point of connection to the Fed. One that’s
secure, convenient, and reliable — and doesn’t force you to use multiple file
exchange methods. It’s more affordable and saves critical time and resources.
Secure Client lives up to its name. It’s an easy and secure way to exchange files
that also provides tracking and auditing capability, guaranteed delivery, and
avoids the risk of FTP and email.

Do even more when you’re ready
Secure Client alone is a game-changer out of the box. However, if you’re already
a user or find yourself needing more capability, Axway offers solutions like
SecureTransport, which lower operational costs, improve security and automation,
and harness the power of the cloud to further simplify and increase efficiency.

As a global pioneer in managed file transfer solutions for banking going back 20 years, Axway is uniquely qualified to optimize your file exchange processes. With our leading managed file transfer, EDI integration, and API management solutions and expertise, we help you use the infrastructure you already have to create brilliant user experiences, including users in banks, credit unions, and government agencies.

Call +1-800-843-1990 now to speak to a file exchange specialist and start simplifying the way you do business with the Fed.


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