Managed Cloud Services: a 90-second overview

November 10, 2022

Securely move data to the cloud

B2B integration and file transfer are getting more complex, placing businesses at risk of service disruptions and threatening data security. So, how do you meet growing digital demand, manage complexity, and still deliver on your SLAs?

Outsource your B2B, EDI, and MFT to Axway Managed Cloud Services.

Axway Managed Cloud Services gives you the best of both worlds — the power of a cloud platform with the business and technical expertise of a world-class team. This 90-second video explains.

Axway's dedicated team of experts run some or all of your operations for you. You pay a predictable subscription fee that reduces your costs and leave the burden of managing a technical platform to someone you trust.

Your teams can focus on meeting SLAs and innovating your business using APIs - even if you don't have the expertise or the IT infrastructure or the capital outlay, you can securely move data to the cloud and into the future right now.

We manage your processes. You focus on business.

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Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration
Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration

Be more agile and competitive for less cost by putting your B2B integration in Axway’s hands.

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Delivering data in an always-on world
Delivering data in an always-on world

Understanding the mission-critical importance and evolving role of managed file transfer with the cloud

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