Scale and consolidate B2B in the cloud with expert support from Axway

Reduce risks and hassles with private SaaS and full managed services options

Axway B2B Cloud Services gives you the best of both worlds  the scalability and cost benefits of a cloud platform with the expertise of a world-class team. Choose from private SaaS and managed services options that let our experts support and operate your B2B/EDI processes. By extending your business team with Axway experts, you can focus on revenue-generating processes. 

The best-in-class Axway B2B Integration Platform brings added value when delivered through the cloud, including:

Access to top-notch B2B expertise. Accelerate your move to the cloud with monitoring and support from Axway. Rely on our experts to consolidate your EDI, API, and other integration flows on a highly scalable integration platform that meets your security and compliance requirements. 

Cost optimization. Avoid CapEx and easily move to OpEx to modernize your B2B operations at a predictable monthly cost. Effectively scale your outsourced technology and staff, paying only for the services you consume. 

Flexible capabilities. Future-enable your business operations with flexible and reversible deployment options, managed by you or by Axway. Access a full or partial range of managed services with up to 99.99% availability. 

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