Managed cloud services for MFT: Secure, flexible, resilient

July 4, 2022

With mounting pressure to move growing volumes of data securely and quickly to meet increasingly demanding SLAs, large enterprises are transitioning to MFT operations in the cloud. Axway Managed Cloud provides a single-tenant environment for each customer, with tiered SLAs up to 99.99%. You can outsource all operations to Axway, or we can manage the platform for you while you maintain control and configuration of your MFT operations.

As a trusted partner for MFT solutions with expertise going back two decades, Axway can lower the costs and mitigate the risks of upgrading your MFT operations to the cloud. Our subscription-based Managed Cloud Services for MFT model is a dedicated, enterprise-grade solution operated by experienced personnel capable of delivering:

  • Security. Deploy a single-tenant MFT operations environment hosted and controlled by Axway in any region right out of the box with all security certifications.
  • Resiliency. Gain high-performance scalable MFT operations capabilities with 99.99 percent availability.
  • Flexibility. Subscribe to a full range of managed cloud services with low impact migration for ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground, or hybrid delivered by Axway and our partner ecosystems.

Download the overview to learn more.

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