TotalEnergies | MFT Solution for critical flows

July 8, 2024

Learn how TotalEnergies improved their MFT operations with a large-scale consolidation project supported by Axway MFT solution. Teddy Goral and Nicolas Faivre elaborate on how they leveraged their modernization initiative to establish a unified, standardized, and centralized solution, enhancing scalability and mitigating risks.

We use the MFT file transfer solution. It's a solution that's used on a massive scale. Today, we carry out over 2 million file transfers a month, with something like 10,000 configured flows, and around 1,000 internal and external partners.

This solution is used for critical flows, financial flows for headquarters and subsidiaries. We also have logistics flows for warehouses and refineries, particularly in Europe, flows for the TotalEnergies card, for transactions and prices at service stations, and everything to do with human resources, applications for payroll, travel, expenses, and so on.

It's really a solution that's massively used at the heart of the IS, and very closely linked to the SAP world. Geographically, the MFT solution is present not only at the headquarters, but also in our subsidiaries, and Total is present in over a hundred countries around the world. It's a solution that's also used in very large subsidiaries such as Angola and Nigeria, which are very important subsidiaries for us.

This migration project is starting from a situation where TotalEnergies has file transfers running on many different platforms, many historical solutions inherited from the aggregation of different companies, the different subsidiaries, each of which had its own solution with a dedicated monitoring solution on each solution, with a huge amount of customization, and so all this will be replaced by a single centralized solution on the basis of which we'll be able to build new flows, we'll be able to build a catalog of services, we'll be able to implement many new features.

What we're hoping to achieve with this project is to have a single, truly homogeneous solution for file transfers, one that's fully supported by Axway and standardized. This requires a lot of studies. First of all, of all the historical solutions that Total uses for file transfers, so that we can then fully understand how the flows were implemented yesterday, and how we're going to be able to migrate them to this target solution.

We work with Axway's professional services in consultancy mode. We use their skills both for the deployment of the infrastructure and during the migration phase to analyze the existing system, to see together how we can migrate the flows, to prepare the configurations on the new platform to optimally prepare the migrations. We really take charge of the project from the start, from the infrastructure deployment phase right through to the end of the migration.

For us, the next step is simplified standardized hybridization, and now we need to extend everything we've just put in place on premise to the Cloud, so, Azure, AWS, where TotalEnergies is currently present. It's a challenge for us, we've started to put a few building blocks in place, we need to continue along this path, and we'll need Axway's help in these areas in the future.

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