Macif strengthens customer engagement with Amplify API Management

Creating an open platform for seamless customer services

Becoming number one in customer service

As one of the leading mutual insurance companies in France, Macif offers its 5.7 million members a broad range of insurance policies across health, life, and property and casualty, as well as loans and savings products.

In general, consumers want seamless, personalized, and real-time service, from a single point of contact.

Fabrice Leyglène, IT Director at Macif, says: “We have an ambitious plan to transform and unify our three core information systems by the end of 2026. The goal is to support the corporate ambition to become number one in customer relations by opening up our systems, securing them and adapting them to the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Macif aimed to create a multi-brand, multi-distributor model that would better serve the needs of customers throughout the lifecycle. In addition, the company looked for a way to enable the seamless delivery of new products and services from both Macif and third-party organizations.

Secure, high-performance connections

Macif is extending its existing API-based strategy to open its systems internally and externally, building a customer-centric intermediation layer that will span all functions and applications.

”With a view to creating a customer information system spanning all of our business functions, we have put in place an exchange layer to API-enable our information systems to open them to the outside world and thereby create new offers with partners for the benefit of our members,” says Fabrice Leyglène.

To make this strategy a reality, Macif selected Axway Amplify API Management.

Jérôme Farcet, Director of the Department for Architecture, Identity and Security at Macif, says: “We chose Amplify API Management as the best and simplest way to meet our goals, and because of the quality of the interactions we’ve had with the technical and support teams from Axway.”

Having started out with a secure gateway, Macif is now using Amplify API Management to gain sophistication in creating and managing APIs, which directly supports its strategic transformation goal of adopting a multiproducer, multi-distributor model. Axway demonstrated that it could support Macif throughout this transformation, not only on the technology side but also by positioning itself as a true partner.

“We’ve created an organization in which everyone feels like they’re on the same team, with mutual goals and challenges. With Axway, we’ve been working in a partnership rather than a client-supplier relationship,” says Jaouad Nejdi, Manager of the Fabrication Base and Exchange Layer at Macif. “Equally, Axway has always been highly responsive to our needs. For example, we encountered a small bug on our platform at 6 p.m. one day, and Axway provided the solution at 10 a.m. the following day.”

Opening services to the world

Today, Macif is using Amplify API Management to manage around 300 APIs with business logic behind them, generating around 30 million API calls a day. Amplify API Management is empowering Macif to manage and publish its growing catalogue of business services to internal users and external partners: the solution helps the insurer link services together in support of its new multi-brand, multi-distributor model.

As Macif ramps up its publication and consumption of APIs, the new platform is proving a hit. Nejdi says: “While it’s hard to quantify the benefits of Amplify API Management at this relatively early stage, we’re seeing a sizable increase in partners seeking to join the platform. That’s a big gain in terms of moving towards an open shared platform for doing business with our partners.”

Leyglène concludes: “We place a lot of emphasis on the notion of partnership, and that certainly extends to our relationship with Axway. We’re keeping the relationship active, working with them to influence the product roadmap, and maintaining strong links at all levels, so that we can get rapid support but also be able to build the future vision together.”

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