Construction equipment manufacturer helps clients beat the global supply crunch

Delivering cost-saving insights via secure APIs in AWS cloud
As global materials costs rise, it’s crucial for construction and engineering companies to operate as efficiently as possible. One leading construction equipment manufacturer aims to empower organizations around the world to deliver on complex projects while meeting rigorous certification requirements and keeping expenditures under control.

A spokesperson for the company says: “We support the construction and
engineering industry from end-to-end, with an offering that includes tools and
equipment for contractors as well as CAD software to help plan, execute and
certify building projects. In the last five years, data has become an even more
integral part of our offering. We now embed internet-of-things [IoT] sensors
in our tools, allowing construction companies to monitor and optimize the
utilization of their assets.”

To help it develop a new generation of data-driven services, the company decided to create a standardized framework of core components such as identity and access management. By moving from a monolithic IT architecture to reusable, API-enabled microservices, the aim was to
accelerate development, enhance security, and reduce costs through the digital transformation and beyond.

Read the full case study to learn how they did it with the Amplify Platform and AWS cloud.

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