Axway Controlled Substances Ordering System. An open API approach to CSOS. [VIDEO]

The healthcare landscape is always evolving. To keep up the pace of improving customer engagement and satisfaction, healthcare companies are looking to technology. Interoperability between systems and standards is more important than ever, especially when it comes to Controlled Substances Ordering Systems.

Open your controlled substances ordering system with an interoperable solution from Axway.  It provides the framework for cost-effective integration using standards-based technology across mobile apps, customer portals, and web apps that leverage open API integration all while meeting strict DEA regulations and security requirements.

With Axway Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS), you'll improve customer experience with faster processes, a modern UI, and extensive capabilities. And that's all proven with large volumes of orders flowing through Axway's system today.

Simplify integration with existing systems, effectively and easily manage signing certificates, and take on new connected Healthcare initiatives like immediate transaction processing and next day delivery.

Axway is a Drummond Certified healthcare technology pioneer. So, whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or pharmacy, our open Controlled Substance Ordering System gives you the technology to not only accelerate your business, but future-enable it as well. 

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