6 reasons to choose Axway Business Network

Until now, companies had to put up with the complexity of managing hundreds of point-to-point EDI connections or accept the high cost and slow pace of a traditional value-added network. With Axway Business Network, that all changes. Here are 6 powerful reasons why.

1. You get the best of both worlds

Gain business agility and supply chain resiliency by choosing the most appropriate partner from EDI point-to-point and VANs networks. Axway Business Network simplifies partner community roll-out and partner migration, especially in ground-to-cloud migration.

2. You'll reduce your B2B network costs

A modern, API-driven commercial approach can reduce costs dramatically compared to traditional VAN and point-to-point management. A great solution if you already have a VAN mailbox but have been paying way too much.

3. You can tap into valuable business expertise

By subscribing to the Axway Business Network, Axway business expertise can help you determine the most appropriate time to use VAN and identify instances when it doesn't make sense to use a VAN.

4. You have full VAN capabilities

With rich, modern VAN capabilities such as a visibility portal, API configuration, worldwide interconnection to other VANs, security, alerting, and more, you'll streamline all your EDI, API, e-Invoicing, and VAN processes in one consistent platform experience.

5. You're able to handle multiple protocols

Improve operational efficiency with a single point of management for a great variety of EDI protocols, modern VANs, APIs, and other means of communication.

6. You can connect to any B2B network

Axway Business Network connects any type of business network – such as traditional VANs, procurement, supply chain, e-Invoicing networks – to quickly deliver convergence and compliance on technical and business level.

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