Modernize and scale your B2B infrastructure in the cloud - the Equinor story

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Equinor relies on B2Bi to support its day-to-day operations

  • The big financial consequences of downtime in Equinor’s operations

  • What the company’s new multi-cluster cloud infrastructure looks like

  • How the multi-cluster cloud configuration supports reliability and scalability

  • The value of Axway B2Bi in helping modernize the B2B infrastructure

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“Most gas systems are on an hourly level, which means you can have different values for every hour. The lead time for changing gas transport is two hours, but trades can change with a lead time of 30 minutes. So downtime can be pretty critical here.”
- Roy Moen Halvorsen, Systems Responsible B2Bi at Equinor

About Equinor's use case for Axway B2Bi

When talking about B2B scale, the conversation often evolves to one about the cloud. As modern data strategies evolve, multi-cloud configurations have taken precedence. Many enterprises are experiencing a rise in B2B transactions. The contents of these interactions have become more important. The flexibility and resilience of multi-cloud infrastructures have become more valuable to operations.

That was the case for Equinor, a major energy supplier in 30 countries and an Axway B2Bi customer for many years. The business once relied on an on-premise B2B infrastructure for data exchange. There was a steady increase in exchange partners, transactions, and regulations. Because of this, they decided to move to Microsoft Azure Cloud in a multi-cluster cloud setup.

The migration goal was to create a reliable, scalable B2B system. They needed to cope with current challenges and navigate future needs.

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Multi-cluster cloud migration was critical in helping Equinor expand its trading partner ecosystem. As important as the migration was a modern integration solution. That way, they could enhance flexibility, streamline processes, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Axway B2Bi served this purpose. Meanwhile, Axway experts offered further support — they streamlined message tracking and improved documentation as part of the migration process.

Axway B2Bi helped IT decision-maker leaders at Equinor enable B2B scale. All the while, they’ve been better able to concentrate their resources on critical service delivery. Learn more about Equinor's partnership with Axway for B2Bi excellence

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Rogier van Boxtel

Rogier van Boxtel is the Director of Pre-Sales/Solution Consulting DACH & Benelux Nordics at Axway. Rogier has over 20 years of experience in pre-sales management and execution within large, enterprise integration software companies. Now, he manages a team of solution experts that explain, demo, and proof Axway solutions to help organizations meet their unique requirements. Rogier spent a decade at TIBCO before joining Axway, and he enjoys helping solve challenging and often complex problems for customers that have a real impact on their day-to-day business. Knowing how an entire factory can grind to a halt within 15 minutes of a B2B software platform crash gives real meaning to his work in supporting businesses’ mission-critical infrastructure. Rogier lives in the Netherlands and enjoys making multi-day tours on his bike, walking, and enjoying special culinary experiences in nice restaurants.

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