Companies succeeding with modern B2B integration infrastructure

Benefits of modern EDI and B2B integration

Axway’s API-first approach supports secure, cloud-based digital ecosystems. With Axway B2B  Integration Platform, customers improve communications with partners regardless of messaging protocols, and simplify how they onboard and manage endpoints. Drag-and-drop visual data mapping and orchestration simplify EDI, and actionable insights improve visibility into KPIs and SLAs.

Axway B2B Integration Platform delivers high availability for B2B data flows, reduces operational costs for EDI, and enables fast, elastic scalability. Drive business growth by easily managing transactions using a single point of B2B integration management across multiple EDI protocols and APIs.

Axway B2B Integration Platform helps businesses succeed by:
• Migrating to the cloud, a little or a lot, at their own pace
• Securing data, meeting SLAs, and ensuring regulatory compliance
• Future-proofing operations with flexible implementation and high availability
• Focusing on innovating new services

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Modernize your B2B infrastructure to power innovation

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