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B2B Cloud Integration — Future-Proofing Operations with Axway Managed Cloud Services

When IT leaders consider the future of their B2B transactions, cloud integration is top of mind. 48% of IT decision makers said in 2021 that 50% of their applications would migrate to the cloud in the coming years.

The incentives behind the focus on B2B cloud integration are clear. Organizations not only want to curb costs and enhance the security of their B2B transactions, but they also want to have the flexibility to scale their infrastructure as business demands evolve. So while improving their service delivery in the present, they can confidently modernize their infrastructure to support even more secure B2B transactions in the future.

But that’s not to say there aren’t challenges to address on the way to B2B integration. It’s not uncommon for organizations to lack the in-house expertise to support B2B cloud adoption. This scenario has become more prevalent amid The Great Resignation, with accelerated retirement plans for B2B/EDI practitioners. All the while, increasingly complex security and compliance requirements have only made B2B cloud migration more challenging to manage, with cyber threats exposing potential room for vulnerabilities.

With these challenges in mind, many lead IT decision-makers have started to search for external cloud solutions to support their B2B operations. At Axway, we’re proud to offer outsourced B2B integration capabilities through our Managed Cloud Services that help mitigate business risks and improve B2B service levels for our customers in an easier, more cost-effective manner.

Our highly scalable, secure B2B integration platform is backed by a team of Axway experts. We deliver 24/7 monitoring and support, 365 days a year, to help organizations smoothly transition to a cloud subscription model and maintain security and compliance even in the largest, most complex environments. This shift in responsibilities provides your IT team with more time and resources to dedicate to other areas of innovation that will help drive more business while reducing potential risks. What’s more, by leveraging Axway’s core expertise and technologies, organizations can reap the cost benefits of more efficient, practical functions and only pay for the services they need — with the ability to easily scale up resources based on changing demands.

Peter Kellerman, IT Application Manager at Pöppelmann, a leading global manufacturer in the plastics processing industry, shed some light on the benefits of working with Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration. “The greatest business benefit of Axway B2B is the overall package of technology, reliability, and professionalism, both internally and externally. All our EDI processes run reliably and error-free. We made the right choice choosing Axway.”

To learn more about the benefits of our managed cloud services for B2B integration, download this flyer.

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It's time for open B2B integrations. More powerful than ever.

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Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration
Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration

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