6 steps to implementing a modern B2B VAN

November 9, 2023

Axway Business Network gives you access to 200+ preconnected VANs and global private networks, along with thousands of preconnected EDI partners. Follow these six steps for a fast and easy migration to this modern, API-driven VAN and enjoy reduced costs with greater flexibility and operational efficiency. 

01 Assess your opportunity

Consolidating on Axway Business Network on the Axway B2B Integration Platform gives you the flexibility to communicate with partners using point-to-point EDI, VAN connectivity, or both. Axway will help you determine if VAN connectivity with Axway Business Network makes sense for you, enabling you to do more, pay much less, and ensure total security. 

02 Define roles and responsibilities

Axway invites you to a free kickoff meeting in which you'll learn the actions needed to complete your migration. Axway does some of the tasks and you do others; but it's all simple, nondisruptive to business, and typically completed within four weeks or less. 

03 Choose your protocol

You tell Axway which protocol you choose to connect your new Business Network Mailbox. Axway Business Network puts this decision back in your control by supporting multiple connectivity options: AS2, SFTP, OFTP2, and others. 

04 Set up your mailbox

Next Axway helps you set up your VAN mailbox and connect it to the network. The portal interface makes it easy to adjust your mailbox settings to declare different recipients for error notifications, create connections with your existing partners, and onboard new ones. 

05 Test your connection

Once the mailbox is set up, Axway works with you to test B2B messages on our platform, ensuring that everything is properly sent and received. You gain peace of mind, knowing that you can cut over to Axway Business Network with no disruption to your EDI processes.

06 Cut over to new VAN

Before throwing the switch, you need to let your trading partners know the change is coming. After successful migration, we recommend that you terminate your contract with your legacy VAN provider, but that's entirely up to you. 

Want to see how easy it is to migrate to Axway Business Network?

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